Atlas Bar Coconut Almond (12-pack)
Atlas Bar Coconut Almond Ingredients and Nutrition

Coconut Almond (12-pack)

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Great taste, clean ingredients, and exceptional nutrition. This bar is designed to help you achieve peak performance. Enjoyed worldwide by elite athletes, renowned artists, top professionals and those striving to get where they want to go.

20g protein, 1g sugar, 3g net carbs, 220 calories, 300mg ashwagandha.

Gluten free, dairy free. 12 bars per pack.

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Why Thousands of People Love Atlas Bars


Very filling, great flavor, and high protein! Feels good to fuel my body with something so healthy and delicious.

Melissa A.

Perfect when I'm in a hurry and don't have time to eat. It's very satisfying and curbs your hunger for several hours!

Heather M.

Fuels a workout and is freakin delicious. I think there may be some magic in the ashwagandha.

Jamie M.

Great for midmorning, afternoon, evening snack. A lot of protein packed in a tasty, healthy treat.

Taylor R.

I get everything I need from this bar. From a good texture, protein, flavor, and ashwaghanda!

Rob H.

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