A New Kind of
Protein Bar

We get it - there are a lot of protein bars out there. Why Atlas? Atlas is the first protein bar designed to help both your mind + body thrive.

Protein to keep you strong and ashwagandha to keep you calm. Zero added sugar to curb cravings and prebiotic fiber to support your gut. 

Did we mention they are delicious?

Whether your goal is to run a marathon or just run your errands, Atlas is the only bar that has everything you need to perform, feel, and live your best.

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We’re inspired everyday by the thousands of Atlas Club members who are striving to live better!

Find Your Favorites

Our Starter Boxes are the perfect way to find your favorite flavors.

Starter Kit

Try all 10 flavors in this 1-month mind + body starter kit. FREE MiiR water bottle!

Plant-Based Starter

Try all three plant-based flavors in this 1-month starter box.