The Story

I’ve always enjoyed pushing my body to its limit. Doesn't matter if it's a 24-hour obstacle race, an Ironman Triathlon, or a 50-mile hike. Driving my body to failure and then continuing on is what I live for.

Driving my body to failure required lots of fuel, so I always turned to bars. After eating hundreds of them, I realized most of them had as much sugar as a candy bar - if not more. I was confused because the bars were marketed as healthy, but if they had as much sugar as candy how could they be? Looking for answers, I began studying nutrition to try and find the optimal fuel. I read every book, watched every documentary, and even got certified as a Sports Nutritionist. From the hundreds of papers and books I read, I noticed that the healthiest diets always had three things in common.

The healthiest diets minimized sugar, maximized real food, and included quality sources of protein.

Cool, I'll just find a bar that fits that description and I'll be good. Only problem was that no bar fit this description. So I decided to make it.

As a college senior, I pooled together the money that I had saved from countless hours landscaping and driving Uber so I could launch Atlas Bar. I figured my worst case scenario was that I would make a bunch of bars then have to eat them all if no one else would. Not a terrible outcome.

Fortunately, the taste of Atlas Bars hooked people and the three tenets - high protein, low sugar, and real food - struck a chord and since June 2017 Atlas Bars have provided countless people with quality, clean fuel.

As for the name Atlas? I always liked Greek mythology and Atlas is the Greek titan of endurance. Done.

The Why

Everyone has 24 hours in a day.

We have different genetics, upbringings, and opportunities but we all have the same amount of time. What you decide to do with that time determines who you will be. So decide to make your time count.

Use your 24 hours to become a smarter, stronger, and better version of yourself. To sweat, to struggle, and to achieve.

Atlas Bars will give you powerful, clean fuel so you can make the most of your 24 hours. You must decide whether you will or not. You must decide whether you want to live life or conquer it.

Small Choices Lead To Great Progress