Ancient Wisdom For a Modern World

Ashwagandha, pronounced osh-wah-gand-da (don’t worry, it took us 6 months before we could say it), is a small shrub (like cranberries) that has been used for over 5,000 years in India to promote mind + body wellness.

Modern scientific studies confirm that this super plant can reduce stress and promote mental wellbeing.

All Science, No B.S.

Starting in the 1950s, researchers began investigating the effect of ashwagandha and other ancient medicinal plants on the mind + body. Early clinical trials revealed that these plants not only improved physical energy, but also enhanced mental focus and boosted the body’s immune response.

In other words, these plants help the mind + body adapt under stressful conditions, so you can perform with ease and live with balance.

Mind + Body Wellness

Over the past few decades, modern scientists have used double-blind placebo-controlled studies to analyze ashwagandha’s safety and effectiveness. Their results? Ashwagandha boasts a long list of benefits, with virtually no downside.

Modern science has proved what ancient wisdom knew: that ashwagandha is a safe and potent way for humans to enjoy healthier, happier, and less stressful lives.