Over the years, we’ve eaten more nutrition bars than we can count. Bars that taste like dirt, bars that taste like cheesecake and everything in between - you name the bar, and we’ve eaten it. But every bar we tried compromised somewhere. Some were loaded with sugar, others were loaded with artificial junk, and many just didn’t taste good. We set out to create an alternative: a bar that’s high in protein, low in sugar, minimally processed, and unquestionably delicious. We’re proud to say that Atlas Bars are crafted with the highest quality ingredients, absolutely nothing artificial, and have everything you need to keep going.


Each day is a gift and an opportunity. An opportunity to become stronger, faster, and smarter by getting up earlier, staying up later, doing that extra rep, taking that extra step, and never quitting. We make the most out of everything that we do, so that when we get into bed at night, we are better than when we got out of it that morning. We are on a quest to find our limits, so that we can break them. Because we believe in not only living life, but conquering it.


The human body is an unbelievable machine capable of incredible feats. But to truly discover our limits, we must first optimize our fuel. Our mission is to support people who strive to maximize their lives, by working relentlessly to maximize their nutrition.